For rad AF couples
with kick-ass weddings.

Being a wedding photographer is so much more than just showing up on the day and clicking the button on a camera. My couples choose me because their number one priority is to enjoy their day - their second priority is to have badass photos that show how good the day was. All the bits of it. The good, the bad and ALL the ugly.

Moments can't be manufactured or recreated which is why I shoot all weddings with a documentary approach and aim to capture as much of your day as physically possible in an 'unobtrusive' way. There will be times where we may need to set something up like family group photos (yes, even photographers don't like spending hours shooting stiff portraits with your nan and gramps) but we will try to capture those as quickly as possible and in a more relaxed and fun way, no measuring tapes needed. We will get the important people in the shot, take a quick snap and move onto the rest of the day.


Looking through my website and previously galleries, you'll see examples of smiles, laughter, maybe even a few tears but you'll also see the fun, the buffoonery and the general good times that were had. I like to capture photos honestly and genuinely and not to get in the way whilst doing it. If that's your kinda vibe, drop me a message.